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How To Turn Nasty Into Good

There is so much talking about immigration these days. If we launch a Word of the Month competition, I bet that ‘Immigration’ would be the easy winner.

In the UK we have a political party that base his agenda on banning immigrants. On their opposite side, the usual group of celebrities want to welcome everybody.

Of course, they are both wrong!

Intoxicated by power and money, they forget that immigration is not good or bad in itself. Bad immigration should be stopped, good immigration should be allowed.

It’s not easy to distinguish between the two, but I know one thing. Startups and small entrepreneurs are always good immigration, 100% of the time.

Startups and small entrepreneurs create jobs (including jobs for the locals) and part of their revenue become local taxes. I know. I am an immigrant myself.

In this silly debate about immigration being good or bad, I’m taking a side. The third side. Immigration is not good or bad, it's on us. From now on, I’ll be available twice a week—free of charge—to support “immigrants” who want to open a business in the UK and relocate here.

If I am in London, I’ll be in our startup accelerator Level39.co. If I am travelling, I will use email, Skype, Hangout, Slack and the other tools available to any digital nomads.

Together we’ll prove wrong whoever think that immigration should be always banned or always accepted. Even better, it will be fun. This is a pillar of the startup community.

Have fun, do good, make money.

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